Rivers and Ruminants
Rivers and Ruminants

Spanish Buckling

We have a pure Spanish Buckling available for sale. Black buckling from Smoke Ridge Goats in Montana, recognized as its own bloodline by the Spanish Goat Association. Four months old, ready to breed doelings this fall/winter. Contact us for more info and pics!

Where's the beef??

It's still in the pasture, don't worry. But there are some new developments. Striking A Livestock is partnering with Deer Creek watershed conservancy to bring you your beef! Prices will still remain very competitive, quality will still remain unsurpassed. But now, in addition to knowing you're getting a box full of delicious, healthy, humanely raised beef, you're going to be a part of some really cool programs. And you will be encouraging more ranchers to participate in selling local, grass fed beef. And still at prices lower than you'll find at the farmers market.
More more info check out DEER CREEK BEEF or look on Striking A's Beef Page.
Please feel free to contact either organization if you have questions or would like to learn more!

Website is Updated!

You can now order 2011 Beef on our website!!
I am afraid its not epically rewritten, but all the important parts are up to date.
And yes, to all those who ordered in 2010 (and I can't thank you enough) you will get your discount applied, even though there is no slot for it on the order form. I know who you are!!
Hope everyone is enjoying the last of their summers!

To: The folks looking for bucks

November is here and it has finally cooled off enough to make me believe its fall.

The new calves are all on the ground and full of spunk and the bucks are running out of work with the does. (Heck of a deal, isn't it? Ten plus months of vacation for six weeks of what few males would call work.......)

Anyway, the reason for the post:

         I have received a couple goat contact forms from people looking for bucks (yes, I have some available at the moment) who neglected to leave me any means of contacting them. If this is you, I would be happy to get back to you, but please leave me an email address, or email me directly at amber@strikingalivestock.com. ( I tried to make email address a link to email but I have not figured out how in this program. Will work on it.)

Thanks again to all who have taken to time to visit the site and a special thanks to those who have ordered beef. I expect to meet with the processor later this month so look for a harvest date soon!


Fall Ordering

Thanks so much to everyone who has placed beef orders!
If you still want beef, its not too late but hurry -- I will be making arrangements with the processor soon.

A quick look at what's been going on here ---
    The calves have been weaned and the cows are enjoying a little "me time" before the next round of calves arives.
    The bucks are getting impatient to be in with the does, it looks like next Wed. will be the day, right after the market kids go.
    I have had a lot of interest in doelings, if I told you I was out for the year I promise to put you on the list for next year!
    Now all we need is for it to rain this fall!

Cheers and thanks again to everyone who has been involved!



Where are the cows??

For the first time in a long, long time, the cows have left the ranch. They are lending a hand (actually a mouth) with some vegetation control (they do love vegetation control) about 20 miles to the north. They will be home around the first of June.


Hi and welcome to the Rivers and Ruminants blog.

This blog's most important function is to provide updates to anyone interested in Striking A Livestock beef or goats. Aside from that, it will most likely be full on goat conversations, dog antics, and fish stories. This is actually why I set it up, so I didn't clog the Striking A website by introducing the great cast of characters that make it all possible, but I suppose it is more important to provide updates. On my income tax under occupation it says "self-employed, rancher" and "fishing guide" and "fisheries technician" (the later is fancy for field work) and none of these titles have predisposed me with great computer skills so bear with me while I get this thing figured out.  I will make sure to have some sort of different title or tag on entries with official important stuff in them so you don't have to sort through the rest of this gibberish to figure out when you can pick up your beef.

Back to those titles, they all sound a bit self important for what I actually do (they are great for getting raised eyebrows out of insurance folk, bankers, and the like -- you can even hear eyebrows raise over the phone). I spend most my days either hanging out and talking to animals or looking for fish, or trying to figure out how a can finagle a way to spend more days doing those things. Granted some days hanging out and looking take lots of hour and miles, but it still makes for a pretty good day. I feel pretty fortunate to be able to be so close to the things I care about most on a daily basis.

Anyway the important stuff: the first few entries will be dedicated to the background on the ranch and its inhabitants. Check back for more soon.

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